Drupal is a Great CMS

Drupal has long been a favourite technology of ours here at Mandurah Web, so I thought it was about time I documented some of it's great features and further more, some of the specific problems it solves so well.

Drupal Features

  • Image Styles - Are you sick of resizing images before you upload them to your website? Yeah, it's a common problem and Drupal solved it perfectly. Image styles ensure that all uploaded images are resized and cropped to the correct dimensions.
  • Information Architecture - Drupal has a basic tagging system that leads to a very powerful yet simple way to categorise all of your websites content. It makes great content structure easy and while it's not the most popular discussion when discussing SEO it's certainly one of the most important.
  • Modules Galore - Galleries, blogs, forums, slideshows and more, Drupal has thousands of freely available modules over at drupal.org and you'd be hard pressed to not find a module that solves a common problem.
  • Community - Drupal has one of the best Open Source communities on the internet. Everything from support on the forums and IRC to getting involved in the issue queues is easy and fun within the Drupal community.
  • E-Commerce - One of the largest growing markets online and certainly one of the most lucrative, e-commerce is booming and many business owners are moving online. Drupal Commerce is a Drupal module that gives you enterprise grade e-commerce features with a minimal amount of work.

When Should We Use Drupal

It's hard to list them all but Drupal is a great fit for some of the following scenarios:

  • Business websites - as mentioned above, galleries, blogs and business websites are all trivial features to build on-top of Drupal.
  • Content heavy website -  Drupal can handle millions of content entries and provides and intuitive and well designed administration interface to manage all that content.
  • E-Commerce stores -  with the help from the Drupal Commerce module, it's a great fit for everything from a small online shop to an enterprise e-commerce solution.
  • Your Idea - Yeah that's right, we've seen everything built on Drupal in Perth including some large corporate apps by large web app specialists like Code Drop.
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